Canada chooses to celebrate 150 years of genocide, prisons, killer cops, and class warfare. But how can they celebrate when their greatest symbol of power keeps disappearing? This is a call out for a national game of Capture the Flag.

Across the country, in your neighbourhoods, your city, your region, capture every Canadian flag that you see. Take the patriotic symbolism of their flag, turn it upside down, steal it, burn it to the ground.

Subvert the meaning behind their most powerful symbol and make a game out Canadian patriotism by capturing every Canadian flag that you see. Canada flies their flag to assert dominance, so let’s remove these symbols every chance we get.

Here’s some optional guidelines to make the game fun and safe.

  1. Gather with a group of 5 or more players. On an even team, go out into an agreed upon area and capture as many Canadian flags as possible. The point of this game is to capture more flags than the other team without getting caught by each other or the cops. Play strategically and have roles, like guards to keep six, while attackers get the flag. Keep in constant communication, be safe and have fun. Have a time limit and return to an agreed upon space to revel in the victory. It’s almost like counting coup.
  2. See a flag, take a flag. Arrange a point system with some friends and see who can get the most points by July 1, 2017.